Workshops and Session Series on Chatbots and Conversational Agents

Chatbot Access Information

Thank you for participating as data generator in the shared task at WOCHAT.
Important Notice: If you have not registered yet, please do so by filling up this form before starting using the chatbots. Your contact information will be only used to update you about new information or any changes related to this data collection activity.


Brief Description and Access Information


Access Info:

Alana is a proactive and well-informed social bot who knows about recent news and general world knowledge on any topic and aims to provide an informative and engaging conversation while getting to know the user and his/her interests over time.

* URL: (WOCHAT Channel)


Access Info:

A chatbot for providing information about the Spanish Football League "La Liga". It combines question answering with chitchat capabilities. Chatbol only speaks Spanish!

* URL: (Requires Invitation)
* Request an invitation in the "Additional Info or Enquiry" box of the registration form


Access Info:

JOKER is an example-based system that uses a database of semantically indexed dialogue examples to manage dialogue. (Read More)

* URL:
* Login & Password: "batman" & "You:Joker"


Access Info:

TickTock is a chatbot with a goal to engage users in a everyday conversation. It is a keyword based retrieval system with engagement conversational strategies. (Read More)

* URL:
* URL (stand-alone version):


Access Info:

IRIS (Informal Response Interactive System) is a chat-oriented dialogue system based on the vector space model framework. (Read More)

* URL:
* Password: "rewochat"


Access Info:

Sammy is a chatbot based on the public "small-talk" domain available at She is conversant in either English, French or Italian.

* URL:
* Note: Sammy is available in three language versions (English, French and Italian).


Access Info:

pyElizaChatbotClient is a Python-based stand-alone version of the famous Eliza chatbot created by Weizenbaum in 1966. (Read More)

* URL:


Access Info:

Sarah is a version of Alice bot, developed by Dr. Wallace in 1995. It is based on the AIML framework and it is accessible throught the pandorabots platform. (Read More)

* URL:
* Note: Search for "Sarah" and select "talk" for the one with "BotID=lrec2016/sarah"
(you need to sign in first into pandorabots to be able to interact with the chatbot)

Basic Chatting Guidelines

Please consider the following tips when interacting with the chatbots:

1.- Use the same nickname when interacting with the different chatbots. As chatting sessions are anonymous, this will be the only way we can track all different chatting sessions for the same user.

2.- Remember these are just chatbots, do not expect too much from them. Please try to converse as much as you can and in the most natural way. The objective of this exercise is to generate data, not to prove or discover the limitations of the chatbots !

3.- Generate as much chatting sessions as you can. Ideally, a chatting session should include more than 20 turns but no more than 50 turns.

4.- For the case of stand-alone chatbots, you will need to send us the log by email at the end of the data generation phase.

Subjective Evaluation

Please complete the following questionnaire after interacting for the first time with each of the chatbots, and send back by email the completed file to the Shared Task organizers after you have completed all/most of them.