First WOCHAT Special Session on Chatbots and Conversational Agents

Collocated with IWSDS 2017, Summit Inn Farmington, on June 7th 2017

Special Session Description

Chat-oriented dialogue systems have been gaining a lot of popularity in both research and commercial arenas. From the commercial stand point, they seem to be providing an excellent means to engage users by giving a more human-like appearance to established vertical goal-oriented dialogue systems. From the research perspective, on the other hand, they pose interesting challenges and problems to the research community. This session will discuss, but is not limited to: chat-oriented dialogue, natural language understanding and generation, common sense and reasoning, and data collections, resources, user studies and system evaluations for chat-oriented dialogue.

Supporting Organization

Img WOCHAT-SS @ IWSDS 2017 is supported by the
Chinese and Oriental Languages Information Processing Society (COLIPS).