NEWS 2018: The Seventh Named Entities Workshop

T-EnPe and B-PeEn Datasets

Sarvnaz Karimi / RMIT License Agreement

To use Sarvnaz Karimi / RMIT English-Persian transliteration datasets, you must agree to the following conditions:
1. I will use these datasets for non-commercial research only.
2. I will not re-distribute these datasets.
3. I will explicitly acknowledge the use of these datasets by citing the following articles whenever the datasets are mentioned in publications:
* English to Persian Transliteration, Sarvnaz Karimi, Andrew Turpin, Falk Scholer, Proc. 13th Symposium on String Processing and Information Retrieval (SPIRE'06), pages 255-266, Glasgow, UK, October 2006.
* Corpus Effects on the Evaluation of Automated Transliteration Systems, The 45th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL'07), pages 640-647, Prague, Czech Republic, June 2007.

Request T-EnPe and B-PeEn Datasets

Request Data By requesting these datasets you make explicit your agreement to the above terms and conditions by Sarvnaz Karimi / RMIT.