NEWS 2016: The Sixth Named Entities Workshop

Workshop Program - Friday, August 12, 2016

09:00–09:10 Welcome Message and Workshop Presentation

09:10–10:30 First Session: Research Papers I
09:10–09:40 * Entity Linking and Related Language Projection to Improve Name Transliteration
Ying Lin, Xiaoman Pan, Aliya Deri, Heng Ji and Kevin Knight
09:40–10:10 * Multi-source named entity typing for social media
Reuth Vexler and Einat Minkov
10:10–10:30 * Evaluating and Combining Name Entity Recognition Systems
Ridong Jiang, Rafael E. Banchs and Haizhou Li

10:30–11:00 Coffee Break

11:00–12:30 Second Session: Research Papers II
11:00–11:30 * German NER with Multilingual Rule Based Information Extraction: Analysis and Issues
Anna Druzhkina, Alexey Leontyev and Maria Stepanova
11:30–12:00 * Spanish NER with Word Representations and Conditional Random Fields
Jenny Linet Copara Zea, Jose Eduardo Ochoa Luna, Camilo Thorne and Goran Glavaš
12:00–12:30 * Constructing a Japanese Basic Named Entity Corpus of Various Genres
Tomoya Iwakura, Kanako Komiya and Ryuichi Tachibana

12:30–14:30 Lunch Break

14:30–15:30 Third Session: Keynote Speech
14:30–15:30 * Linguistic Issues in the Machine Transliteration of Chinese, Japanese and Arabic Names
Jack Halpern, CEO, The CJK Dictionary Institute, Niiza, Japan

15:30–16:00 Coffee Break

16:00–17:20 Fourth Session: Shared Task on Name Entity Transliteration
16:00–16:05 * Whitepaper of NEWS 2016 Shared Task on Machine Transliteration
Xiangyu Duan, Min Zhang, Haizhou Li, Rafael E. Banchs and A. Kumaran
16:05–16:10 * Report of NEWS 2016 Machine Transliteration Shared Task
Xiangyu Duan, Rafael E. Banchs, Min Zhang, Haizhou Li and A. Kumaran
16:10–16:30 * Applying Neural Networks to English-Chinese Named Entity Transliteration
Yan Shao and Joakim Nivre
16:30–16:50 * Target-Bidirectional Neural Models for Machine Transliteration
Andrew Finch, Lemao Liu, Xiaolin Wang and Eiichiro Sumita
16:50–17:10 * Regulating Orthography-Phonology Relationship for English to Thai Transliteration
Binh Minh Nguyen, Hoang Gia Ngo and Nancy F. Chen
17:10–17:20 * Moses-based official baseline for NEWS 2016
Marta R. Costa-jussà

17:20–17:30 Closing Remarks and Workshop Conclusion