Workshop on Designing Humour in Human-Computer Interaction
(HUMIC 2017)

September 26th 2017, Mumbai, India
In conjunction with INTERACT 2017

Background and Motivation

Humour is pervasive in human social relationships and one of the most common ways to produce positive affect in others. Research studies have shown that innocent humour increases likability, boosts friendship, alleviates stress, encourages creativity and improves teamwork. Humour embraces various types of expression - both verbal and non-verbal - and can be used to enhance the interaction outcome while being socially and culturally appropriate.

While humour is a well-established branch in artificial intelligence and natural language processing communities, in the human-computer interaction field humour is regarded as a rather marginal research topic, despite its positive effects scientifically proven by decades of research.

Therefore, in this workshop we aim to explore challenges in designing and evaluating humorous interactions, as well as benefits and downsides of using humour in interactive tasks with artificial entities.


Our workshop generated highly interesting discussions during the plenary session, as well as during the design sessions where participants grouped in 3 teams presented their creative ideas on implementing humor in interaction. It was a long, but highly productive day at HUMIC!

Group Picture


We are planning a follow-up session of HUMIC at IWSDS workshop in Singapore in 2018 with special focus on humor on dialogue interactions. For details please check the link at: HUMIC- DIAL

Supporting Organizations


   HUMIC 2017 is supported by COLIPS