Fifth Dialog State Tracking Challenge @ SLT2016

Background and Motivation

Dialog state tracking is one of the key sub-tasks of dialog management, which defines the representation of dialog states and updates them at each moment on a given on-going conversation. To provide a common testbed for this task, the first Dialog State Tracking Challenge (DSTC) was organized. More recently, Dialog State Tracking Challenges 2 & 3 and Dialog State Tracking Challenge 4 have been successfully completed.

In this fifth edition of the Dialog State Tracking Challenge, we will continue evaluating the dialog state tracking task on human-human dialogs. Different from DSTC4, in this edition of the Challenge we will focus on cross-language DST. In addition to this main task, we also propose a series of pilot tracks for the core components in developing end-to-end dialog systems based on the same dataset. We expect these shared efforts on human dialogs will contribute to progress in developing much more human-like systems.

DSTC5 Evaluation Results

Dialog State Tracking Challenge 5 official results are now available: See Results.
More detailed results with all the submitted entries can be also found at our GitHub repository.

Endorsing and Supporting Organizations

The Fifth Dialog State Tracking Challenge is endorsed by SIGdial and supported by Microsoft Research, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Institute for Infocomm Research and COLIPS.